Media Statement as of January 17, 2022

It is an honor to be entrusted with the care of patients and residents in our centers; it is a responsibility and privilege that we do not take lightly. The safety and well-being of our patients, residents, and team members is our number one priority.  We have an interdisciplinary team monitoring and reviewing information about the virus and its prevalence. We are doing our best to take precautionary measures, follow guidance from the CDC, and have response protocols if needed. Diversicare has pandemic policies and procedures in place, and our team is working around the clock to be as prepared as possible. Each of our affected center web pages is being updated with pertinent information for that center. We invite you to look at those pages through the Locations feature on our website.

Our goal is to test as many of our patients, residents, and team members as possible when a center is affected by COVID-19. As an industry, however, we have received lower priority for testing than other healthcare providers. We have found when we have been able to complete mass testing that a significant number of residents and team members who tested COVID-19 positive were asymptomatic, meaning that they do not demonstrate any symptoms of their infection. These asymptomatic carriers are important to be identified so that we can effectively cohort our patients and residents as well as the team members caring for them.

The CDC has instructed physicians to report deaths of those who are COVID-19 positive or presumed positive as a ‘COVID-19 death’.  Our patients are elderly, frail, and often have co-morbidities.  Many of these patients may also be receiving end of life palliative care.  It is very difficult, if not impossible, in many cases to accurately determine that COVID-19 was the cause of death for many of our patients who passed away after testing positive.

At this time the Company has team members and patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 at certain of its centers as summarized in the table below. The patients, residents and family members of the affected centers have been notified.  Due to privacy regulations, we are only permitted to contact the responsible party or an emergency contact listed as provided in the resident’s medical record and admission documents.

It is expected that the Company will be caring for COVID-19 positive patients in many of our markets before this crisis passes. We will continue working with the CDC and state Departments of Health to coordinate the care for these patients.